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Your first and only stop for web design & development. From e-Commerce, to Bespoke Systems.
VooWho can supply it all.


What Voo we do?
VooWho specialises in web design and development, aiming at re-inventing the way design works. We can design and develop nearly anything you can think of, from very simple all in one responsive pages, to captive wifi portals, to HTML5 frontends for POS. The only limitation is your imagination.

Just a few examples of what is achievable.
  • HTML5 frontend for a Coffee Machine, coded with API access from POS to Coffee Machine.
  • Captive Wifi Portal, coded with Custom Portal to show statistics from your Access Points.
  • e-Commerce Shop, with Merchant Account Access or with PayPal integration.
  • Single One page responsive portfolio page for a up and coming student.

How does VooWho work?
We have a simple 5 step process to make sure that all your needs are met within the time frame required. We designed the 5 step process to be as easy as possible, this includes a small questionnaire that allows us to understand what your website will be about and the sort of things that you are going to want on there. For example What colour(s) would you like in your logo? With these small details we are able to better understand the finer details. We very much believe in making sure even the smallest detail is not overlooked.

We also provide all coding conforms to the best SEO possible and we will also submit your website (should you require) to search engines upon completion.

Why choose VooWho?
We are a friendly group with a wide range of skills. We understand that the Customer is KING.


Some Voo samples
Above are just some of the examples of work that VooWho has undertaken.
If we have done work for you and you would like your site featured please get in contact and we would be glad to add you to our Voofolio.

5 Steps of Voo

The Questionnaire

Once you have decided to choose VooWho, we will supply or you can download from this page our questionnaire.
On the questionnaire, you will be asked some very simple questions about details regarding your website.

  • Do you already have a logo?
  • What colours would you like on your website?
  • What type of business are you in?

Once we have received your questionnaire, we will read through it, and prepare your very own custom action plan, that will allow us to proceed with Step #2.
Please remember that the more information you supply on the questionnaire the easier it will be for us to be able to get an idea of the website you would like.

The Personal Touch

Once we have received your questionnaire and your action plan is ready, we will arrange a time suitable for you, to either have a telephone call or a more private meeting. This is why we call this step 'The Personal Touch', we firmly believe in that all Web Design/Web Development should come with direct contact with the guys actually building what you have asked for.

When you have either a call or visit, we will make sure that you come away with a feeling that you are number #1 (and why shouldn't you be!)

Within this step, we will get a deeper understanding of all the finer details you would like within your system.

  • jQuery Slider needed for product slideshow.
  • Changeable Logo depending on time of the year.
  • Ability to update website via Admin System.
  • Reports/Statistics with Graphs.

The Mock

After our meeting to get a deeper understanding of your system, we hand over all our notes that we have taken to our Graphic Designer, who then will make a image representing your request.

Our Graphic Designer will go through various stages of development for your request, we save all revisions, and even though they aren't part of the final design, we keep them in case you like a certain part of one of the earlier revisions.

When 'The Mock' has been sent, we will ask for any design changes to be made at this stage, as at the moment your request has the ability to be re-designed without too much time being taken.

What to expect from 'The Mock'
  • A high resolution PNG of your designed request.
  • A high resolution PNG of your designed logo. (if requested)
  • Variations of any resource used.
  • Variations of different colours.

The Demo

Once you have approved 'The Mock' we will get on with turning your design into a fully working version available on the web.

We will supply you with a demo URL that will allow you to visit, this will give you the ability to have a play on your site and take a good look for the first time on your browser.

With your Demo, we will ask you to start supplying information for the pages within your system. This can be supplied via Disk or via Email.

Once information is supplied you will slowly begin to notice demo information changing to your information. By the end of the Demo, your site will almost be 100% complete.

What to expect from your demo site.
  • A fully functional version for you to test.
  • Full CSS themed.
  • All Scripts will either be blocked out ready for coding or working.
  • All graphics will be in place or blocked out ready for making.

You've Been Voo'd

The last step in the '5 Steps of Voo' is You've Been Voo'd.
This to us is as much important to us as every other step, this step is where you have signed off the project as complete, or have requested last minute changes. We will only make very small changes at this point unless a new project deadline is arranged.

Once everything has been uploaded to your website, we will class your order as fulfilled. However its not quite over yet!

We will also put all files onto a CD/DVD and post this to you (so you have a 'hard copy'), AND still thats not ALL! All new clients will get a Free VooWho T-Shirt.

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Business Hours

Monday - Friday [9AM - 5PM]
Saturday & Sunday Closed
T : 0843 289 5734
E : info@voowho.co.uk

F : http://www.facebook.com/voowho
T : http://www.twitter.com/voo_who
Here at VooWho we understand that evolution of a website is very important to a business.

This is why we offer telephone and email support for any Voo'd Client, this gives you the freedom of either emailing your requests or having a nice long chat directly with the developer who is responsible for your website.

We have also recently released our own Client Portal that will allow you to see current issues and ongoing development with direct access to post a message to the developer working on your assignment.